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Greek and Roman Cities

June 23, 2014 @ 1:00 am - 4:00 pm

The Greco-Roman world was one of cities, many of which still shape the landscape of Europe, North Africa and the Middle East today. Yet the ancient city was not only a distinct architectural form, but also the centre of ancient people’s lives. Greek and Roman cities were arenas for politics and displays of power and status, venues for culture and entertainment and the backdrop for daily life, worship and death. Ancient ideas and politics, such as monarchy or democracy, developed in and for cities. Studying the ancient city, through its art, architecture and literature that survives today, means understanding the rise and fall of the Greek and Roman world and its heritage to modernity.

The Departments of Archaeology and History at the University of Sheffield are holding a free study afternoon for GCSE Students from local schools and colleges.  You will be introduced to ancient Greek and Roman cities and given a taste of what studying History or Archaeology at University is all about. You will have the opportunity to investigate two themes from the table below in small seminar groups, taught by final-year History and Archaeology students, with Dr Julia Hillner, Dr Jane Rempel and Prof Maureen Carroll offering concluding comments.

Seminar Topics may include:

  • Women in the city
  • Houses and households
  • Sacred spaces
  • Politics in the city
  • City and countryside
  • Cities and Slavery
  • End of the ancient city

For more information or to book places please contact:

Linda Billam, Schools’ Outreach Support Officer, Faculty of Arts and Humanities, University of Sheffield, email: l.billam@sheffield.ac.uk


Linda Billam