Parliamentary Review on Higher Education

Professor Michael Braddick, Professor of History, who recently completed a term of office as Pro Vice Chancellor for the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, was asked to contribute to the Parliamentary Review‘s edition on Higher Education.

Arts Enterprise: a shining example of the Faculty’s external engagement activities

In his contribution, Mike considers how the new fees regime has challenged universities to demonstrate the value of what they do demonstrate the value of what they do and he outlines our Faculty’s response to this by “redoubling our efforts to show the benefits of our work for the personal development and future prospects of our students, and for society at large”.

He discusses how “arts and humanities disciplines offer insights into all aspects of our individual and collective lives. Our teaching puts students alongside people pushing at the limits of current knowledge and understanding. As a result, students learn about complexity – complex social phenomena, complex texts and complex personal experiences.”

Mike also considers the University’s civic roots and discusses the role the Faculty of Arts and Humanities. The University “was founded partly on the basis of penny donations from the working people of the city, who believed that a university would transform the life, health and prospects of the city and its people. This civic commitment is not in conflict with our commitment to research and teaching excellence. That internationally recognised excellence is something of which our staff are justifiably very proud. Far from being a tension, it is this excellence that makes our research such a powerful force for good, and our teaching such a transformative experience for our students.”

The article also features examples of the Faculty’s external engagement activities, including Arts Enterprise. These activities link researchers with a wide range of external partners to “help local educational, heritage, community and arts organisations fulfil their missions by drawing on the talents of our academic staff”.

Mike’s full article can be read here.

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