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New WRoCAH Network studentship: ‘Beyond Charlie: Anticlericalism and Freedom of the Press’

We are delighted to announce a new WRoCAH Network studentship working on ‘Beyond Charlie: Anticlericalism and Freedom of the Press’ for entry in October 2015. WRoCAH networks each have three doctoral researchers, one each at Leeds, Sheffield and York. Each doctoral researcher works on a separate project under a common theme.

The award will cover the cost of UK/EU tuition fees and provide an annual maintenance grant (£14,057 in 2015-16) for three years.

Application deadline: midnight, Friday 22 May 2015

Interviews: interviews will take place on Monday 15 June 2015

Further information about the award and how to apply is available on our website here.

The network theme

The Paris attacks on 7 January 2015 make this an apposite moment to assess the deep cultural and historical links between iconoclastic thought and freedom of the press in western Europe. The proposed network will reassess anticlerical print culture and ideas of free speech, taking as its starting point the Hébertiste tradition of radical and scabrous political satire, a tradition in which Charlie Hebdo clearly stands. Though part of a wider secularist tradition, this populist—and often deliberately provocative—strand of anticlerical transmission should be distinguished from literary forms or those rooted in social and political movements.

The Sheffield studentship focus

Supervisory team: Professor Mary Vincent (Department of History, Sheffield), Dr Claire Chambers (Department of English and Related Literature, York)

The studentship will examine the relationship between the polemic and ideological traditions of anticlericalism (clearly aimed at Catholicism in countries with a historic allegiance to the Roman Church) and contemporary polemic aimed at Islam (or perceived tendencies within Islam, such as ‘fundamentalism’). This comparative study would explore issues of tolerance within societies looking at how debates around anticlericalism and/or Islamophobia bring into play conflicting understandings of freedom, including in societies characterised by religious indifference.

Any academic enquiries can be directed to Professor Mary Vincent (m.t.vincent@sheffield.ac.uk). Any questions about the application process should be directed to Beky Hasnip (r.hasnip@sheffield.ac.uk).