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Seminar Programme Poster Autumn 2015

Department Research Seminar Programme Autumn 2015

We are very pleased to announce our forthcoming Department Seminar programme.

As usual each seminar will be held on Tuesdays at 16:15 in G:03 (ground floor Jessop West). Seminars are followed by drinks and dinner with the speaker organised by the chair.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can email history@sheffield.ac.uk


Prof Rosamond McKitterick (Cambridge): The power of words: Glossaries, cultural memory and the transmission of knowledge in the early middle ages

One of my current projects is an exploration of the communication of knowledge and transmission of ideas across time and space, and the consequent formation of what might be called a cultural map of Europe in the early middle ages. A major aim of this project is to investigate the contribution of particular categories of knowledge for the formation of the cultural memory of early medieval Europe. This entails study of the practical means by which ideas could be exchanged, that is, modes of communication and consequently the role of books, the evidence for the exchange of ideas, connections between individuals and institutions, and examples of texts and types of knowledge. The most basic form of all for the conveyance of knowledge and migration of ideas, however, is not just the texts but the individual words. A remarkable number of peculiar and eccentric dictionaries and thematic word lists were produced in the Frankish kingdoms in the eighth and ninth centuries and  often copied into composite collections of dictionaries and glossaries, or what I have called ‘glossary chrestomathies’.  These glossaries have received attention from philologists, but their creation and character as an historical and cultural phenomenon in the early middle ages needs to be explained.

– Prof Rosamond McKItterick

Chair: Charles West

The Jessop West Exhibition Space
All welcome!

Tim Stretton: ‘Married Women in Chancery 1500-1800: Law, Gender & Contract’

Speaker: Professor Tim Stretton

Saint Mary’s University, Halifax, Canada

Thursday 4th December, 5pm
(Jessop West Seminar Room 7)
– please note the change in room

Professor Tim Stretton specializes in the social history of law and litigation in Britain, with a focus on the legal rights and experiences of women and intersections between law and literature in early modern England.Tim’s first book, Women Waging Law in Elizabethan England (1998), remains one of the most important books in its field, showing how women utilized the law despite being (theoretically) subjugated by it. It examines both discourse and legal tactics and this combination of the literary and historical runs through Tim’s more recent work. Recent publications include (ed. with Krista Kesselring)Married Women and the Law: Coverture in England and the Common Law World (2013) and ‘Conditional promises and legal instruments in The Merchant of Venice’ in Donald Beecher et al, eds, Taking Exception to the Law: Materializing Injustice in Early Modern English Literature (2014).

Tim completed his PhD with Keith Wrightson at Cambridge, before teaching at Durham and Cambridge.  He is now based at Saint Mary’s University, Halifax, Canada.  We are lucky that Tim is over from Canada for a few short weeks. His papers are always engaging so this promises to be a lively seminar.