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Faith and Fear in Philadelphia: Writing Music, Writing History

TICKETS: Free, please register at http://writingmusicwritinghistory.eventbrite.co.uk

SPEAKERS AND PERFORMERS: Dr Andrew Heath, History Department, Pete David, Michael J Tinker, Greg Davies. Featuring a performance from The Payroll Union & more.

Building on the collaboration between the critically-acclaimed Americana band The Payroll Union and the Sheffield History Department, this event brings together historians and musicians to consider how we tell stories about the past. Andrew Heath (Dept. of History) and Pete David will be joined by musicians to talk about how they’ve used research to develop their art. The panel talk and Q&A will be followed by a full performance of the Faith and Fear in Philadelphia project, including a set of new material from The Payroll Union, a creative interpretation of direct primary sources from the period, and more!

Arts and Humanities talks in student residences

Several of the Faculty’s academic staff have been involved with the Residence Life project this month.

Adam Piette and Fabienne Collignon, School of English, gave a talk entitled, “Car Crash to Robot Trash: Sex, Death, Technology”. The lecture considered J. G. Ballard’s novel Crash about people with Symphorophilia or car crash sexual fetishism, and then talked about the weird 1989 Japanese cyberpunk movie, Testuo: The Iron Man, directed by Shinya Tsukamoto.

Kevin Kuykendall, Department of Archaeology, considered, “Becoming Human: The Fossil Record of Human Evolution”. His lecture surveyed the known fossil record for human evolution and discussed what we currently understand about the timescale and pattern of our species’ evolutionary history. Evidence from the archaeology and primate behaviour was presented along with current interpretations about the key events along the evolutionary pathway to becoming human. Sheffield Debating hosted an “Evolution vs. Creationism” debate after the talk.

Andrew Heath, Department of History, and Pete David (The Payroll Union) gave a talk about, “Faith and Fear in Philadelphia: Exploring History through Music, Film, and Art”. It considered: how can we tell stories about the past? This simple question inspired Pete David of the Americana band, and Dr. Andrew Heath, a lecturer in American History, to join together in a project that explores writing history through words, film, and song. More about the project: http://www.shef.ac.uk/news/nr/payroll-union-faith-fear-philadelphia-1.320965

Staff from the School of English and Student Support and Guidance discussed Stephen Kelman’s Pigeon English. As part of this year’s Booker Prize Initiative, 4,000 copies of Pigeon English were delivered to students in the University residences. Panelists in the talk discussed their view of the book, as well as its themes and the situations in which its protagonist finds himself. 

The Living-Learning lecture series of talks are delivered by experts from across the University, which offer thought-provoking topics in new and accessible ways. The talks take place in the student village and refreshments are available.

Additional Information

More information about Residence Life:  www.residencelife.co.uk.

More information about Booker Prize Foundation’s Universities Initiative: http://www.shef.ac.uk/english/booker