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Social networks 1450-1850: an interdisciplinary conference

Social Networks 1450-1850 brings together scholars from across the world and from a range of disciplines – including History, English, Archaeology, and Sociology – to discuss the nature of society in the early modern period: how did people connect to one another, to what ends, and with what results?

The two day programme features panels on exiles, trade and industry, knowledge and communication, religion, kinship, and cities. Speakers include: Edward Muir (Northwestern), Emily Erikson (Yale), Naomi Tadmor (Lancaster), Mark Philp (Warwick), Lauren Kassell (Cambridge), and Phil Withington (Sheffield).

For more information and details of how to register, please visit the conference website: www.socialnetworksconference.wordpress.com

Sponsored by the Wolfson Foundation and Sheffield Centre for Early Modern Studies