Two new publications for Benjamin Ziemann

Benjamin Ziemann - Encounters with Modernity book cover.In the past four weeks, Professor Benjamin Ziemann has published two monographs. His award-winning book on the “szientization” of the Catholic Church in the postwar period – described by one expert reviewer of the German edition as ‘one of the most important studies in contemporary history published in recent years’ – has been published as Encounters with Modernity. The Catholic Church in West Germany, 1945-1975 (New York: Berghahn, 2014).


Benjamin Ziemann - Veteranen der Republic book cover.A few weeks earlier, his book on the Contested Commemorations of the Great War in Weimar Germany, originally published with CUP in 2013, has now been released in German translation as Veteranen der Republik. Kriegserinnerung und demokratische Politik 1918–1933 (Bonn: J.H.W. Dietz, 2014). One recent review of the English version concluded: ‘Without doubt, this superb monograph will become compulsory reading for scholars working in the fields of World War I studies and modern European history alike.’