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Dozens of New York state newspapers from New York City to Buffalo and many locations in between, including Horace Greeley's Tribune, one of the most influential Civil War era journals. Read the FAQ for the search page to determine how to best use the search engine. The OCR and the images are not great at times depending on the condition of the original microfilm. but it is possible to browse PDFs of the newspapers if you have the patience. The collection stretches from about 1800 to 2007 and is a good resource if you are researching your family history or reading about historical events from the perspective of those who lived through them.

From the site: 'The search interface supports complex searching. To search a specific newspaper start your search with the title in quotes "Syracuse NY Post Standard." Use this format to limit by date: 1904~~1920. Connect information with 'and.' For example: "Syracuse NY Post Standard" and 1904~~1920 and canal.'

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