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Former PhD Student Henning Pieper publishes thesis as book

Congratulations to our former PhD Student Henning on the publication of his new book. The book is a product of Henning’s PhD thesis and six years of hard work with fantastic results.

Fegelein’s Horsemen and Genocidal Warfare explores the deployment of the SS Cavalry Brigade in 1941-2, with a special focus on the development of its ‘dual role’. The brigade became a pacemaker of the Holocaust in Belorussia during the summer of 1941, and fought against the Red Army in the region between Toropets and Rzhev, a focal point of the eastern front, between December, 1941 and June, 1942. SS cavalrymen underwent a continuous brutalisation which saw them commit acts of mass violence with thousands of victims, a development only comparable to that of the Einsatzgruppen and battalions of the order police. Going beyond a unit history, Henning analyses the role and behavior of the brigade’s personnel and places it within the context of research on perpetrators and the operational history of the Waffen-SS. Thus, military history, Holocaust research, and perpetrator history are combined in this interdisciplinary approach.

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